Dissident Vespers

deep listening occasion
For the deep-listening occasion Dissident Vespers, Lou Drago invites the listener to engage with both the site, specifically designed for this piece as well as with their own interior. Drago provides an occasion for listeners to induce a meditative state, where the only imperative is to focus on the subtleties of sound.

After everyone has relaxed into the space they will introduce moments where the listener has the opportunity to experience time vertically. Drago believes that the experience of vertical time can have a meditative effect, yet effectively one must be meditating – be alleviated from conscious thought – to be able to experience time vertically. As Drago sees it, meditation can be used to obviate thought in order to alleviate oneself temporarily from the weight of self-consciousness and other anxieties. The effect of experiencing time vertically can leave the listener feeling calmer, and with renewed strength to confront the unexpected.

Considered a celebratory gathering of things, people, plants, dances and scents, “Occasions" as coined by Isabel Lewis is a live art format that typically take place in a decorated environment where visitors can come and go as they please. Lewis unfolds a specific dramaturgy attuned to her guests and their energies shaping a live experience using choreography, music, spoken address, and storytelling in ways that allow for conversation, contemplation, dancing, listening, or just simply being. Easing the formalities of distanced observation typically found within the theatre and exhibition contexts, Lewis is interested in situations that generate relaxation where the entire human sensorium is addressed.

Pauline Oliveros coined the term "deep listening" based upon principles of improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation. Put simply, this is the practice of listening and responding to environmental conditions in solo and ensemble situations.

29.08.20 - ACUD Macht Neu Berlin, DE
Curated by Pablo Diserens as part of the rising whispers series.

05.10.2019 - Night Embassy, Berlin, DE
Curated by Peripheral Intuitions