Here, a nut falls twice

Absence here — 27 November, 2022 

Artist-led research project Here, a nut falls twice presents a newly commissioned sculptural sound installation for the ICA Theatre.

Here explores the idea of falling as it relates to sleep, love and physics. The project invites audiences to partake in collective listening – tuning into the ‘frequencies’ of falling and being held by its transient potential.

For its opening night, artists Yen Chun Lin and Lou Drago present a live sound performance with the installation.

Dear attentive ones,

We invite you to be present with us – here. You’re welcome to embody anything between an attentive sleep or a sleepy-wakeful state and allow yourself to fall together with us. Listen closely. We invite you to quietly notice all that is in the room with us, and tune in to both bodily sensing-hearing and active listening. Through the whispering of ambient stories and the dripping of memories from our (non–)human ancestors, we will tune our collective liminal state to create a shared dreamscape that will animate the installation. Long after you leave, the resonances of this evening’s sonic explorations will linger in the room.

Dreamily yours, Lou & Yen

Drift(in)between — 3 December, 2022

From 10pm on Saturday 3 December until 6am on Sunday 4 December, audiences are invited to spend the night in the installation. The event features live performances by artists Yen Chun Lin, Marijn Degenaar, Lou Drago, Cee Füllemann, Tzu Ni Hung, Lithic Alliance, oxi peng, Felix Riemann a.k.a leslie, Berglind Thrastardottir and Matilda Tjäder, with lighting by Charlie Hope. With a floor installation by Cee Füllemann.

Dear dreamers, 

You are invited to a night that explores the liminality of 'falling', through light, darkness, sound, poetry and memories, as they relate to the altered states of sleeping, loving, and sensing.

During this eight-hour night journey, you are invited to co-create a shared ‘here’ together, where you will encounter performances by ten dream figures. We will traverse through imaginary landscapes of inaudible frequencies, sleep-inducing rhythms, dream echoes, a lullaby of nightmares, shimmers of darkness, nocturnal wanders, and bedtime tales.

Please feel free to join in or drift away anytime during the night, while being aware of the creatures that are falling into, or out of dreams around you.

(*If you are feeling unwell, please do not hesitate to talk to our dream guardians from ICA)

Wishing to hear and hold you softly here.

Sincerely, Your dream-figure collective.

With support from the the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.