Nachtkultur Residency

During the Cashmere Radio and Visual Culture Research Center ‘Nachtkultur Residency,’ Sasha Very and Lou Drago met and decided to collaborate for their slot on 20ftRadio. What they created together was a hybrid of live and DJ techniques, mixing some tracks from others, as well as sounds played from Apipad, an internet programme developed by Sasha and his collaborator, Andrey Yakovenko. During the residency Lou met with people of the LGBT community in Kyiv and recorded conversations about their various experiences of being queer in Ukraine, some snippets of the conversation between Lou and Ukrainian artist Roman Medney can be heard throughout the set.

The resulting piece is a sort of exquisite corpse mapping the two artist’s feelings and musings on their place in the world.

This set was recorded live at 20ft Radio during the “Nachtkultur / Нічна культура” residency of electronic music which took place from July 16 to July 28, 2019 at Audiodrag Studios in Kyiv. Organized by Cashmere Radio and Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv, UA.

The residency is a “MEET UP! Pitching winner”.