Precarious Gossips

The World Has Always Been Just About To End
THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN JUST ABOUT TO END with Lou Drago, Anna Ehrenstein, and Yves B. Golden.

We will ruminate on ideas around pain and panic in relation to ideas around the imperfect / sick body. From Audrey Wollen’s sad girl theory and Johanna Hevda’s sick women theory to permission, political non-self-realizations, medical biaises and (state) control against non-white-male bodies. We will talk about revenge.

Precarious Gossips aims at gathering voices coming from multiple backgrounds, that may be under-represented or generally quieter, as to discuss important yet delicate topics. The context of a luxurious hotel room offers a rare opportunity to combine safety, warmth and theatricality to encourage and nurture conversations between people that may otherwise not have met. This initial assembly marks the launch of a series of discussions and further incentives for care and self-care. Offline gestures feel particularly poignant in times when most of us seem to engage solely online in the sharing of ideas and when we are critical.

Curated by Fette Sans at Hotel Zoo, Berlin DE