Shy Radicals

From the way public spaces are designed to how politicians conduct themselves in office, so much of our societies are dominated by loudness and extrovert personalities. In societies that are not designed with their needs in mind, shy, introverted and autistic spectrum people are at major disadvantage, their mental health often suffering tremendously. After the screening of Shy Radicals, (dir. Tom Dream) Lou Drago will host an intimate conversation with the author who inspired the film, Hamja Ahsan about his groundbreaking work that is shaping the Shy Resistance movement. Together they will discuss the journey that lead Ahsan to write the book well as enquire into which ways the plight of shy, introverted and autistic spectrum people intersects with other oppressed identities, and how to build a Shy movement within an extrovert supremacist state.

This conversation was curated by Michał Gulik and Mat Schulz as part of the Deep Authentic programme at Unsound Festival, Krakow, Poland