Signalling Distance

with Tomoko Sauvage
Signalling Distance is a series of radiophonic performances that aims to explore the connections, disruptions and contingencies between being on stage and on air. Signalling Distance opens up a space for experimentation with the radio medium through live sound practices and, through the differences and similarities of the four instalments, traces the possible coordinates and contours of this experimental space. It seeks to rewire the relationship between concert stage and audience through the matrix of radio waves and through alternative modes of listening.

For the first episode, curator Rubén D’Hers has invited audacious sound explorer and performer Tomoko Sauvage.

Over the past decade, Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR) has been working on “natural synthesizer” of her invention – waterbowls – combining water, ceramics and hydrophones (underwater microphones). Porcelain bowls, water drops, waves and bubbles as well as hydrophonic feedback and electronics are the main ingredients of her instrument that generates the sculptural and fluid timbre. Her musical experimentation is grounded on a live-performance-based practice that investigates the improvisation and interaction with the environment – the acoustic space and medium affected by architecture, temperature, humidity and human presence.

Through primordial elements augmented by technology, enlivened by ritualistic yet playful gestures, Sauvage’s work contemplates, tunes and connects both the material and the immaterial in keeping a fragile balance between hazard and mastery.

This reportage, created by Transience host Lou Drago, collates music from the performance with interviews conducted between Lou, Ruben and Tomoko.