suspending reality

In times of precarity, relaxation seems an implausible feat.

Meditation can be used as a tool to offer relief from the manic pace of late-capitalist regimes. Not (only) for the benefit of an individual, but for a visceral understanding of what it means to think about collectivity.

However, the mind employs numerous ruses to prevent concentration. And,
naturally one’s own mind knows its darkest nooks, whether it be a craving, an aversion, fatigue, or a hyperactive train of disparate thoughts
       ... bristly legs entangled
                               an aching back 
                teeth grazing nape… 

Active meditation offers a physical distraction, to keep the mind wakeful yet provide a point of focus to obviate racing thoughts. Understand the directive of removing consciousness through repetitive action. 

React equanimously to any sensation that arises on the body,
or any thought that enters the mind. 

The act of absolute focus on an action, until
complete oblivion of the complexity of each movement.

A certain level of ease in a surrounding must be reached to attain such a state of vulnerability. A patient process of corporal and cerebral relaxation, the goal is to achieve a trance-like state completely free from the reflex of self-consciousness.
In fact,
to completely remove the self,
wherein the body becomes an instrument of its surrounding; movement provoked through a series of inter-relating affects. The body no longer represents its owner’s concepts, but rather becomes a representation of the environment itself.

Total relief from the weight of others’ assumptions.
Total relief from anxiety, albeit
Aiming toward the complete dissolution of the ego,
experiencing existence as pure affect,
proving the body to be a collection of sensations,
  of vibrating molecules.

Once thought has been suppressed, time behaves differently. In trance there are no longer projections of what will happen in the future nor memories of what has happened in the past. The liberation from these concerns is almost tangible; momentary escape from the anxieties of neoliberal, hetero-patriarchal systems of oppression.

The only method for comprehension is experience.

An exercise in understanding that we are not individuals, but a vibrating mass of interacting molecules. Once realised, capacity for empathy increases. There is no alterity within trance as we begin to experientially apprehend the power of collectivity.

Text conceived for Transcendental Movements vol. 1, a compilation on IDO, Curated by Valentino Mora