Lou Drago is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist, curator, writer and radio producer/ DJ. Working across various mediums, they draw connections between the healing potential of sound, the necessity for collectivity during neoliberal times, queer-feminisms, and meditation and related theories. Their artistic works works Suspending Time: meditations for accessing alternate space/time in music, and Dissident Vespers, fuse Drago’s experiential-theoretical research with their sound-based work to create listening occasions for being-together and being with oneself, with others. These works both speculate on altering a listener’s perception of time with the hypothesis that this alternate experiencing of time has expansive and healing potential. Drago’s practice is always collective to varying degrees, and they reject the prevailing notion of the singular artist in favour of acknowledging the pluralities of experiences that contribute to any given work. This trajectory of thought is exemplified in recent works New Feathers and Female Copulatory Vocalisation, in which Drago transcribes and arranges fragments of conversations with comrades into texts that reveal the collective (un)conscious of the group of the selected subjects.

Drago’s theoretical recent research is concerned with finding ways to coalesce all of those who refuse or fail to fit the neoliberal mould in an attempt to reunite what we have witnessed to be an increasingly fractured Left. Aware of the role identity politics have played in dividing the Left, Drago navigates between their commitment to gender abolitionism and other xeno-feminist desires and a politics of Radical Sociability that aims to enact an intersectional affinity-based politics. Drago is a founding member of XenoEntities Network, Berlin, a collective who focuses their research on queer, gender and feminist studies and their interactions with digital technologies. They curate and produce, Transience, a regular show on Cashmere Radio, Berlin that focuses on experimental, ambient and experient music that aims to offer anxiety relief to its listeners. They have shown work, curated shows and spoken on panels across Europe and internationally.

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21-23.04.2023 The Midnight Zone — Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, DE
01.05.2023 TRANSIENCE #49 with Lou Drago and Synthtati — Cashmere Radio, Berlin, DE
20.05.2023 infinity rug — tba, CH
26.05.2023 ambient DJ set - R4R — Planteta Manas, Lisbon, PT
07.06.2023 reading - Haus für Poesie, DE

past (selection)
11.03.2023 TRANSIENCE #48 with Dan Nicholls (live) — Cashmere Radio, Berlin, DE
25.02.2023 infinity rug — tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, DE
11.02.2023 ambient DJ set - Contact, Tokyo, JP
27.11.2022 Here, a nut falls twice — ICA, London, UK
18.11.2022 infinity rug — Planeta Manas, Lisbon, PT
15.10.2022 Fragments for Affinity, Unsound, Krakow, PL
1+2.10.2022 infinity rug — Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, DE
18.09.2022 Fragments for Affinity, Peripheral Alliances, Inning, DE
28.08.2022 infinity rug — WHOLE Festival, Ferropolis, DE
13.08.2022 Fragments for Affinity — Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, DE
01.07.2022 infinity rug — Munchner Volkstheatre, Munich, DE
30.06.2022 infinity rug — Angewandte Festival, Vienna
06.05.2022 infinity rug — Planeta Manas, Lisbon, PT
24.04.2022 Fragments for Affinity — Tanzhaus Zürich, CH
01.04.2022 infinity rug — Rietveld Akademie
22.01.2022 infinity rug — Tanztage — Sophiensaele, Berlin, DE
10.12.2021 infinity rug — Planeta Manas, Lisbon, PT
23.10.2021 Suspending Time — Shedhalle, Zürich, CH
17.10.2021 Suspending Time — La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES
14.09.2021 infinity rug — Festival TransArt Museion, Bolzano, IT
06+07.2021 Suspending Time — Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, DE
29.08.2020 Dissident Vespers — ACUD, Berlin, DE
15.02.2020 ambient DJ set - Traumabarundkino, Berlin, DE
28.01.2020 ambient DJ set - transmediale opening — HKW, Berlin, DE
16.01.2020 ambient DJ set - Säule/ Berghain/ Panorama Bar, Berlin, DE
20.12.2019 ambient DJ set - R4R — Beursschouwburg, Brussels, BE
18.12.2019 ambient DJ set - Bonobo, Tokyo, JP
19.10.2019 ambient DJ set - Weeeirdos — Ohm, Berlin, DE
05.10.2019 Dissident Vespers — Night Embassy, Berlin, DE
26.08.2019 Day Rave — Nowy Teatr, Warschau, PL
20.07.2019 Nachtkultur residency — 20ft Radio, Kyiv, UA
26.07.2019 ambient DJ set - CSD Reclaim: R4R x Lecken x Mina — Berlin, DE
29.06.2019 ambient DJ set - Club Kaiku, Helsinki, FI
20.06.2019 talk - Saturnalia — Macao, Milan, IT
13.04.2019 ambient DJ set - Südblock, Berlin, DE
17.03.2019 ambient DJ set - R4R — Traumabaundkino, Berlin, DE
03.02.2019 Suspending Time — Wellington,NZ
18.12.2018 ambient DJ set - Alpenglühen — Siroco, Madrid, ES
24.11.2018 Suspending Time — HSE Art Gallery, Moskow, RU
10.11.2018 ambient DJ set - Discipline — Void Club, Berlin, DE
19.10.2018 ambient DJ set - Suspension, Lisbon, PT
08.10.2018 ambient DJ set - Force Field — Święta Krowa, Kraków, PL
05+08.2018 Suspending Time — Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, DE
13.07.2018 Day Rave — Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, DE
16.03.2018 ambient DJ set - Arkaoda, Berlin, DE