infinity rug

infinity rug offers a moment where sound, collective learning and intimate care come together to forge a space of togetherness. You are invited to bring your own rug to contribute to a rug-constellation. Lay down and get cosy with us, drift off with us. Bringing the domestic to the public realm, we will tentatively explore new ways of being-together and offer a space for contemplation, rejuvenation and introspection. Through the night until the morning, we will gently guide you through a soundscape of field recordings, ambient, experient and deep-mind music, interwoven with ceremonial performances, texts and poetry, scents, textiles and food offerings.

infinity rug is a collaboration between myself and marum (and oftentimes others too). The first iteration was in 2021 at Festival Transart in Bozano thanks to the kind invitation of Isabel Lewis and since that we have hosted over a dozen more in varying locations, scales, and durations around Europe. To see the archive of previous sonic seances you can check our website or instagram. To listen to sets recorded during infinity rug you can head to our soundcloud.