Intentional listening theory

site specific audio work
This work was made to be listened to in transit on the S-bahn between Membra(I)nes' conference sites in Leipzig and Halle, Germany. Those listening from afar are of course welcome to listen while in transit anywhere.

During the transition of the Membra(I)nes conference from Leipzig to Halle, Drago invites you to join a deep-listening sonic journey. Although not often used as such, the occasion of being in transit can offer an opportune interlude to rest the intellectual-mind and refocus one's attention through a different kind of embodied attentive listening. Connecting the psyche and soma through imagination, Drago’s work created precisely for this change of site within the membra(i)nes conference invites you to listen deeper, to sound, to the body and to intuition.

This site specific audio work consists mostly of field recordings and spoken word. The audio includes fragments read from Pauline Oliveros' 'Quantum Listening' and Kris Beaghton's 'Fuck Theory'. 

Thank you to Isabel Lewis for the invitation