prismatic fragments 1

duvetdomme - Lou Drago + Jules Petru Fricker
with Lou Drago + Jules Petru Fricker in continuation with Maria F. Scaroni

Radical simply means grasping things at the root.  — Angela Davis

This could be imagined as an invitation to pull up from the dirt all that has grown and does not serve us, so we are able to plant new seeds which, with careful attendance, will grow into the societies and futures that we want to see. For the second iteration of Interventions on Frequency, artist and community organiser Lou Drago is joined by performer and choreographer Jules Petru Fricker to present Prismatic Fragments I: duvetdomme, a listening-occassion which tackles notions of care, intimacy and sociability.

The recent research of Lou Drago seeks potential affinities between all of those who are systemically and culturally oppressed in an earnest attempt to inspire a renewed sense of collective imagination among a largely disorganised or disaffected and fragmented so-called 'Left.' To survive during apocalyptic times, Drago believes we must draw on many far flung strings of intelligence from the undercommons, crucially; not only logical intelligence, also somatic, emotional, spiritual and energetic. This collective or, – prismatic – intelligence could be seen as a way forward for those wanting to shape change both collectively and personally. Since 2020 they have been writing and speaking about these concepts, as a guide toward enacting a more 'radical sociability.’ Radical Sociability could be described as a way of reimagining social relations outside of racial capitalism and identity-based logic for collective liberation. The listening-occasion, Prismatic Fragments I: duvetdomme, combines this more theoretical/experiential research together with Drago's ongoing sound and live-art practice. During this listening-occasion they create an intimate environment for reflecting on these topics, with the support of music chosen specifically for its comforting and narrative qualities.For this occasion, they are joined by the performance artist Jules Petru Fricker in a collective care ritual to begin the Prismatic Fragments series as they mean to continue; with ease, subtlety, and care for the artists to continue their radical sociability warriorship from a more deeply grounded place. duvetdomme is a collective work spawned together with Maria F. Scaroni, marum, Fricker and Drago.

The term 'listening-occasion' describes Drago's live-art format, the compound being inspired by their friend and collaborator Isabel Lewis' concept of 'Occasions' together with Pauline Oliveros' term 'deep-listening'.

This new work was created for the Interventions on Frequency performance series curated by Antoine
Simeão Schalk and Danniel Tostes at Migros Museum, Zürich throughout 2023.

Interventions on Frequency is a performance series with a focus on sound practices, enabling
conversations on their capacity to stimulate forms of dialogue between individualised bodies. It
features works of different artists, who represent different positions to urgent questions around race, gender and sexuality. Pursuing on the reflection on radical care, the series of performances dwells into
the realms of poetry, science-fiction, affect and club culture. Following on texts by Silvia Federici, the
importance of the commons when discussing care is evoked. We characterise it as a movement or as a
relation between bodies, hence the importance of community.