Day Rave

with Dambi Kim and Isabel Lewis
A continuation of the conversation that Lou Drago, Dambi Kim and Isabel Lewis began last summer in Martin Groupius Bau about embodied listening to music; listening that increases sensitivity to perception.

Drawing on diverse perspectives related to dance, performance, feminism and queer theory, Eastern philosophy, ambient music and clubbing, Drago, Kim and Lewis adopt their own approaches to somatic practices. They are interested in long-term commitment to embodied activities that make it possible to connect with others over a single subjectivity of the self. Both the music and the atmosphere of ‘Day Rave’ create space for playful exploration of blurred identities and recognition of peripheral perceptions. The goal is to actively go beyond the limits of "I", establish contacts through dance as a form of spiritual closeness and friendly relations - not only interpersonal relations, but also relationships with all the things with which we coexist.

The piece curated by Voytek Blehash at Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, PL was conceived by Dambi Kim, Isabel Lewis and i and performed with Margherita D'Adamo on 26.08.19

The work was originally premiered in the context of the Welt ohne Außen exhibition curated by Tino Seghal and Thomas Oberender at Martin Groupius Bau, Berlin, DE on 13.07.2018